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Learning at Home

Many parents underestimate the power of learning and play at home. In fact many parents may not even realise that they are key in ensuring their child has a good start in life. Parents are their child's first teachers and the most important people in their lives. Parents are often scared when they hear the words teach and learn in the context of home, but it really is a very simple and cheap process.


The practitioners at Pre-school will be only to happy to help you with ideas but you are probably doing certain things without knowing it. For example just talking to your child about what you are doing is an excellent way for them to learn about how conversations are formed and hear words so they can begin to understand how important communication with others is. Spending time sharing a simple book, pointing and naming pictures in it, making noises and turning pages are all skills needed to help children develop. As they get older getting them involved in hanging out washing (great for fine motor skills, maths skills and routines), counting the stairs as you go up and own, making a shopping list together and going to the shops to find it and tick the items off (great for early mark making, shape recognition etc)


Trips to the park can be full of learning opportunities, this can help children learn about their local community, become aware of rules and boundaries and give them a chance to practice their language and social skills as well as learning about new things in their environment. Never be afraid of using big or new words, children need support to expand their vocacbulary.


Most importantly limit the technology and talk and spend quality time together playing and reading books.


Pre-school has resources that can be borrowed and taken home, these include games and books. Please ask staff to see what we have available.


Before you begin at Little Learners you will be given a leaflet about Home Learning and also an Home Learning agreement which will allow you and your child to borrow resources from us to use at home. We have also set up a Facebook Group for parents to share their ideas and where we support you with learning at home for your child. The group is called Little Learners Home Learning Group. Please search for this and request to join if you are a current or future parent.