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Planning in the Moment

Little Learners Pre-school is in the process of introducing Planning in The Moment. This is a different way of supporting children's learning and is very child focused and led. Our Rational explains our reasons why.


Little Learners Pre-school’s Rational For Planning In the Moment


At Little Learners we are passionate about child centred learning and know from experience that the most important skills for young children to learn are those that the Early Years Foundation Stage highlights as Prime areas of learning (Communication and Language, Personal, social and emotional development and physical development)


We feel strongly that children should be in control of their own learning and that as competent and skilled practitioners we are there to support their learning through their interests by supporting, modelling, suggesting, questioning and extending in line with the EYFS guidelines.


We feel that working in this way fosters the children’s personal, social and emotional skills such as turn taking, resilience, self-regulation, independence (along with many others), which in turn supports all other areas of learning.


This goes hand in hand with a sense of fun and enjoyment because without these children’s interest and passion for learning will not be captured.