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Nursery Fees

Little Learners Pre-school currently operates a flat fee of £18.00 per three hour session with an additional charges for breakfast and lunch club (this just pays for staffing to cover this, children are required to bring a packed lunch)


The Pre-school also accepts children on both two and three/ four year old funding. 


Every child is eligible to receive 15 hours free funding the term after their third birthday. The cut offs are as follows:

September - December birthdays - Free funding comes into effect in January

January to March birthdays - Free funding comes in effect in April

April to August - Free funding comes into effect in September.


Some children whose families are on a low income maybe eligible for funding the term after they turn two years old.


If you think your child meets the criteria for two year old funding the setting is able to make enquiries on your behalf or you can apply by clicking the link below.

Children aged 3 and 4 years old of working parents maybe entitled to 30 hours funding. To check whether you are eligible please go to the website below. Again this funding is available the term after the child turns 3 or 4 but must be applied for the term before you wish them to start at our setting. So for example your child turns 3 in November and you want then to start in January, you must apply before the 31st December, if you apply after this date your child will not get their funding until the Summer term.


Children aged 2 years old of working parents can now apply for 15 hours funding, The process is the same as for the 3 and 4 year olds. To check elogibility you can apply using the link below. 


Just because you have a code it does not mean we will have a space for your child so we always recommend putting your child on our waiting list as soon as possible.